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The theme for the Accra Book Fest 2019 is: “Dream, A Talk With The Afro-World.” The Book Festival will explore the dreams of the black diaspora and Africans on the continent.

This year’s Book Festival coincides with the 400th-anniversary of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade that robbed Africa of its human resources. The unconscionable trade was the beginning of the division, now visible, between Africans and other Black Africans living outside the continent.

In order to bridge this divide, the concept, Pan-Africanism, was coined to push forward a united front among Africans. Pan-African activist, Marcus Mosiah Garvey noted, “Pan-Africanism sees those of African black heritage as one people, part of a global African community and calls for a politically and economically united Africa…”

Pan-Africanist, Marcus Garvey

It was his dream that the black diaspora would return to Africa, although he never once visited the continent before his death. But the dream for others has been realised and the Government of Ghana has declared the year 2019 as “The Year Of Return.”

The 2019 Accra International Book Festival (Accra Book Fest) launched on August 10, would bring together writers of African descent from all over the world to take part in conversations, debates, workshops, and performances to share their experiences about the dream of our forbearers.

Are Africans all over the world united and prepared to leave behind the scars of slavery? The Book Festival would address this issue.

Join us from October 24-26, 2019 for an unforgettable experience in Ghana’s capital, Accra for joyful, creative and interactive conversation with the world’s finest writers and thinkers.

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