Words, Music & Wine

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Words, Music & Wine

The Accra International Book Festival (AIBF)’s open mic session dubbed An Evening of Words, Music and Wine (WMW) debuted in June 2018.

The event held on the last Friday of every month is a celebration of books, arts, music, and wine tasting. Light refreshment.

It is also aimed at unearthing new talents in the literary and music industries.

The WMW brings together established and aspiring writers, musicians and readers for the promotion of literature, arts and music.

The first edition of the WMW was held on Friday, June 29, 2018, in partnership with N8tive Food & Beverage Bar located at Airport residential area near Nyaho Clinic in Accra.

Are you interested in reading, playing music or displaying art? Call 0277293124 to participate or send us a mail at wmw@accrabookfest.com.

We will get back to you asap.

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