FAQ: How many guests can you bring to the ymca?

How many times can you use a guest pass at YMCA?

Guests are limited to one guest pass redemption every six months.

Can I add a friend to my YMCA membership?

Current Members Any member who pays standard rate membership dues through monthly drafts can invite a friend to join the Regional YMCA.

How many guests can you bring to lifetime?

As a member at Life Time, you ‘ll receive two guest passes per month to share with family and friends.

How much does it cost to workout at the YMCA?

Our public day rate is: Youth $5.00; Adult $10.00; Family $15.00. Day passes cover the duration of a full day upon sign-in and re-entry is permissible. Participant form must be signed upon first visit to the facility.

Can you bring a guest for free at the YMCA?

All Current YMCA Members are allowed 3 guests per year. Guest names are now recorded for each member at the Welcome Center. After the 3 guest visits, additional guests are required to pay the Guest Rate Fee.

How much is a single membership at the YMCA?

Fees are based on the member’s age and membership group: young adult (14-28), adult (29-64), senior (65 and older), adult with dependent children, and husband and wife with children. For youth (0-12), rates range between $15-$25. For young adults (18-25), rates range between $30-$55.

How do I add members to my YMCA account?

To add people to your membership, everyone must be part of the same household. Visit Member Services to add or remove members from your membership.

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How much is the Y membership?

*Must include one adult (18Y+). Financial assistance is available to individuals and families who are unable to pay the full fee for a Y membership. Membership fees.

Child/Youth (0Y-17Y) $33.30/month
Adult (18Y-59Y) $58.90/month
Adult Couple (18Y-59Y) $89/month

Do YMCA passes work everywhere?

With Nationwide Membership, members can visit any participating Y in the United States and Puerto Rico through membership at their home Y, at no additional cost. Nationwide Membership is an essential part of our cause to strengthen communities.

What does a lifetime membership include?

A Life Time membership gives you instant access to our luxury amenities, expert instructors and fitness classes you won’t find anywhere else — plus, take advantage of Apple Fitness+, at-home workouts, virtual training and so much more.

Can you go to lifetime without a membership?

Non- members. Non- members who wish to use LifeCafe, LifeSpa, LifeClinic, or MediSpa must sign in or register at the front desk.

Do lifetime employees get discounts?

The employee discount is comparable to many others. It especially comes in handy in the Life Spa and Cafe. All members receive 20% off on MTG, GNG and meals prepared.

Is the YMCA still religious?

Despite its religious origin and name, the Young Men’s Christian Association (which has no connection to the Young Women’s Christian Association or the Young Men’s Hebrew Association) has a secular mission. The Y’s $4.2 billion in annual income is bolstered by government grants and corporate donations.

How much is the Y per month?

Membership Rates

Member Type Joiner Fee Dues
Teen $30 $22 Monthly
Young Adult $30 $33 Monthly
Adult $50 $44 Monthly
Two Adults $95 $64 Monthly
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Can you get into the YMCA without your card?

Each member must show their membership card upon entering the facility and when paying for programs. If you do not have your membership card, you must present a picture ID for admittance to the facility.

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