Often asked: When does doctor who return?

Will Dr Who return in 2020?

Fortunately for Doctor Who fans, a festive special will still air in 2020 after it was completed in March before lockdown. Doctor Who will return to screens later this year for a one-off episode during the upcoming festive season in an episode entitled: “Revolution of the Daleks”.

Who is the next Doctor Who 2021?

Jodie Whittaker returns for her third series as the Thirteenth Doctor, the most recent incarnation of the Doctor, an alien Time Lord who travels through time and space in the TARDIS, which appears to be a British police box on the outside. Recording commenced in November 2020, and is set to run for ten months.

Is Jodie Whittaker leaving Doctor Who 2020?

The BBC has responded to a report that Jodie Whittaker is leaving Doctor Who. According to The Mirror, the actress, who plays the 13th Doctor and first ever female Time Lord, is planning to quit the show after its forthcoming series 13 while showrunner Chris Chibnall will remain.

Why is Jodie Whittaker quitting Doctor Who?

In early January 2021, it was reported that Jodie Whittaker was “ quitting Doctor Who”. Mainly this comes from fans who think Jodie is a poor fit for the role, and believe that a new Doctor will automatically fix any problems the show is having.

Who will be the next doctor after Jodie?

4 Michaela Coel According to one UK website, Michaela Coel is the most likely’ actor to replace Jodie Whittaker as the Time Lord. In fact, many are placing bets on her becoming the next Doctor, and while this doesn’t evidence that she will be the replacement, it is proof that fans are keen for her to play the part.

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Is Julia foster the next doctor?

Julia Foster is the 14th Doctor, with Tennant Back as Companion. Veteran actress Julia Foster will replace Jodie Whittaker after she bows out from Doctor Who in this year’s festive special. Despite claims to the contrary, Whittaker in fact filmed her final scenes late last year.

Will David Tennant ever be the doctor again?

David Tennant is set to reprise his Doctor Who role alongside father-in-law Peter Davison. Tennant, 49, and Davison, 69, will both return as the character for a new audio special set to bring back past incarnations of the Time Lord over the coming year.

Are Dr Who ratings falling?

D octor Who has slumped to its lowest ratings since the programme was revived in 2005, according to new viewing figures. The final episode of the 12th series of the BBC’s sci-fi show attracted a TV audience of just 4.6 million.

Is Jodie Whittaker the last doctor?

Jodie Whittaker has quit Doctor Who and will leave the show at the end of the next series. That’s according to reports by the Daily Mirror, who claim the 38-year old intends to follow in the footsteps of her predecessors by stepping down after three series at the helm of the Tardis.

How did Ace leave the doctor?

Distraught at the Doctor’s ultimate betrayal, Ace decides to leave him and stay on Heaven with the survivors. In her place, Bernice joins the Doctor’s travels and would go on to become of the longest running companions in the show’s extended universe. So it seemed that Ace had left the Doctor.

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Who’s leaving Dr Who?

Doctor Who: Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole to leave companion roles. Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole will make their final appearances as the Doctor’s companions in the Doctor Who special on New Year’s Day, the BBC has revealed. Walsh said viewers should “expect a lot of poignancy” from the episode.

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