Quick Answer: Joey and rory when i’m gone?

What happened to Joey of Joey and Rory?

Indiana, who has Down syndrome, was just 2 years old when Joey — Rory’s partner in love and in music as part of the country duo Joey + Rory — died of cervical cancer at age 40 in March 2016.

When did Joey and Rory record when I’m gone?


Year Single Sales
2011 “Headache”
2012 “When I’m Gone “ US: 115,000

How is Rory doing since Joey died?

Rory Feek Still Feels ‘100% Married’ Four Years After Wife Joey’s Death. Four years after his wife and Joey + Rory duet partner Joey Feek lost her battle with cervical cancer, Rory Feek admits that he still feels “100% married.”

Did Joey and Rory have a baby?

Joey and Rory Feek welcomed their only child together, a daughter named Indiana (Indy for short), on Feb. 17, 2014. The munchkin is now five years old and just celebrated her fifth birthday with a themed party that included a costume.

Is Joey and Rory still alive?

From 2008 to 2016, the duo Joey + Rory comprised her and her husband, Rory Feek.

Joey Feek
Died March 4, 2016 (aged 40) Alexandria, Indiana, U.S.
Resting place Feek Family Farm Cemetery Lewisburg, Tennessee, U.S.
Occupation Singer-songwriter
Spouse(s) Rory Feek (m. 2002; her death 2016)

Is Joey Feek still alive?

What kind of cancer did Joey Feek have?

Joey Feek died in March, after a two-year battle with cervical cancer. Musicians Joey Martin Feek and Rory Lee Feek attend The ACM Experience during the 48th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards at the Orleans Arena, April 6, 2013 in Las Vegas.

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Who sang at Joey Feek’s funeral?

Rory Feek went on to say that friends of theirs had made a video set to Iris DeMent’s “After You’re Gone” to celebrate Joey’s life. The beautiful tribute, seen below, was played at the service and posted to Feek’s blog. “ Joey’s one hope was that she could ‘come home’ on a beautiful day… and oh, it was.

When did Joey Feek die?

After her brave battle with cervical cancer captured hearts across the nation, country singer Joey Feek died at the age of 40 on March 4, 2016, leaving behind husband Rory Feek and their daughter Indiana.

Why is Bradley Walker in a wheelchair?

Born with muscular dystrophy, Walker has spent his life in a wheelchair, but has never let his physical challenges dim his passion for music. The Oak Ridge Boys invited him to sing on national television when he was only 10 years old.

How long were Joey and Rory married?

But the bond they shared was immediate, and the couple married on June 15, 2002, just months after they met. The couple’s love only grew stronger through time. After eight years of marriage, Joey Feek confessed, “Not to make you sick or nothing, but Rory and I are best friends.

Was Rory Feek married before Joey?

What is Rory Feek’s daughters name?

How old is Indiana Feek now?

Where is Joey Feek buried?

Beloved country singer Joey Feek was laid to rest at the Pottsville, Tennessee, farm she shared with her husband, Rory, and daughter, Indiana. The private service took place on Tuesday with the family’s closest friends, family, and neighbors in attendance.

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