Readers ask: When to use would?

When to use would with examples?

The Many Uses of ‘Would’ in Everyday Speech, Part 1

Uses of ‘ Would ‘ Example
Reported speech Anita said that she would bring the drinks.
Present unreal conditionals (imaginary situations) I would move to Japan if I spoke Japanese.
Repeated past actions When I was little, I would play hopscotch with my friends.

When would have been is used?

For example, you might say something like, “I would have been there for your birthday party but I was sick in bed with the flu.” This shows that you intended to be there but something came up that prevented you from going. Things would have been different if another situation or condition had been met.

When we use used to and would?

‘ Would ‘ is only good for actions or situations that were repeated many times; ‘ Used to’ is good for any action or situation that continued for a period of time in the past, including repeated actions or situations.

Would in sentences examples?

Using would as as a kind of past tense of will or going to is common in reported speech: She said that she would buy some eggs. (“I will buy some eggs.”) The candidate said that he wouldn’t increase taxes. (“I won’t increase taxes.”) Why didn’t you bring your umbrella? I told you it would rain! (“It’s going to rain.”)

Would and will in the same sentence?

For instance: I would propose her if I got a chance, but I know she will definitely reject. If absolutely necessary I will go to china, but I would prefer somebody from Head Office to manage it.

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Will and would sentences examples?

Would Would is the past form of will. – Peter said he would finish the work the next day. ( Would refers to half-open or closed condition as an analogue of will. – We would go fishing at the weekend if the weather was/were good. ( When both will and would can be used, would is more polite. Other typical examples with would.

Would had been usage?

First, modal auxiliaries like would are always followed by the base form of the verb, not by a past or past participle, so would had is never grammatical, (in any variety of English, as far as I know). You mean would have, as Kate Bunting said in a comment.

Would be or would have been?

Why I should use would have been: because the very next clause is a past tense so would have been goes with the meaning. Why I should use would be: because I will still be happy to see him and maybe it is just that in he past I had a chance to see him but could not.

Would would be would have been?

What is the difference between ” would have ” and ” would have been “? Answer: ” Would have ” is used together with a main verb. When you see ” would have ” in a sentence it means that the action didn’t actually happen, because something else didn’t happen first.

How do you use used to in grammar?

We use used to + infinitive to talk about a past situation that is no longer true. It tells us that there was a repeated action or state in the past which has now changed. She used to be a long-distance runner when she was younger.

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Is would present tense?

Technically, would is the past tense of will, but it is an auxiliary verb that has many uses, some of which even express the present tense.

How do we use present tense?

She is used to get up early – six o’clock every morning. She usually gets up early – six o’clock every morning. She goes to work by train. I usually go to the sea for my holidays. We always used to spend a lot of time together. I read books from start to finish. I used to go to work by bike.

How can I check my grammar online?

Grammarly’s online grammar checker scans your text for all types of mistakes, from typos to sentence structure problems and beyond. Eliminate grammar errors. Fix tricky spelling errors. Say goodbye to punctuation errors. Enhance your writing.

Can and could grammar?

Both Can and Could are Modal Verbs. In general Could is considered more polite (or formal) that Can.

When can I use could and would?

Could is used to say that an action or event is possible. Would is used to talk about a possible or imagined situation, and is often used when that possible situation is not going to happen.

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