When did the steelers win the super bowl?

When did Pittsburgh Steelers win the Super Bowl?

The game was played on February 1, 2009 at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. With this victory, the Steelers became the first team to win six Super Bowl championships. The win was also Pittsburgh’s second Super Bowl victory in four years, after winning Super Bowl XL at the end of the 2005 season.

When was the last time the Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl?

How many Super Bowls have the Steelers won? The Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl 6 times, in 1974, 1975, 1978, 1979, 2005 and 2008.

How many Super Bowl wins have the Steelers had?

The Steelers have played in eight Super Bowls, winning six of them, including four in six years.

Who won the Superbowl in 2006?

The Steelers defeated the Seahawks by the score of 21–10. The game was played on February 5, 2006, at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan.

What Super Bowls did the Steelers lose?

The team has won the Super Bowl following the 1974, 1975, 1978, 1979, 2005 and 2008 seasons. Which Super Bowls did the Steelers lose? They lost Super Bowl XXX (1995) to the Cowboys and Super Bowl XLV (2010) to the Packers. How many Super Bowl rings do the Steelers teams of the 1970s have?

Who beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl?

The Green Bay Packers captured their fourth Super Bowl title and 13th world championship on Sunday night in front of 103,219 at Cowboys Stadium with a 31-25 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV.

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Who has won the most Super Bowls?

The New England Patriots ( 6–5 ) and Pittsburgh Steelers ( 6–2 ) have won the most Super Bowls with six championships, while the Dallas Cowboys ( 5–3 ) and the San Francisco 49ers ( 5–2 ) have five wins.

How many Super Bowls do the 49ers have?

What was the Steelers worst season record?

Heartbreaking Endings and Honorable Mentions 1972. One week removed from the “Immaculate Reception,” the Steelers fell to the Dolphins in the AFC Championship Game. 1976. 1985-86 and ’88. 1989. 1993. 1994, 1995, 1997, 2001, 2004, 2010. 2011.

Which NFL teams have not won a Superbowl?

The 12 teams that have never won a Super Bowl are the Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, Los Angeles Chargers, Tennessee Titans, Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

What quarterback has won the most Super Bowls?

NFL quarterbacks with multiple Super Bowl wins: Tom Brady – 6. Joe Montana – 4. Terry Bradshaw – 4. Troy Aikman – 3. Eli Manning – 2. Peyton Manning – 2. Ben Roethlisberger – 2. John Elway – 2.

Who did the Bills lose to in the 4 Super Bowls?

The record books also say the Buffalo Bills are the only team to play in four straight Super Bowls. Heck, only one other team — the ’71-’73 Miami Dolphins — even made it to three in a row. But the Bills lost those four Super Bowls by an average score of 35-18.

Who won each Super Bowl?

NFL History – Super Bowl Winners

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Super Bowl Winners and Results
LII Feb. 4, 2018 Philadelphia 41, New England 33
LIII Feb. 3, 2019 New England 13, Los Angeles Rams 3
LIV Feb. 2, 2020 Kansas City 31, San Francisco 20

Who won Super Bowl 54?

Who was in the last 5 Super Bowls?

This was the Chiefs’ first Super Bowl victory in fifty years, and the first after the AFL- NFL merger. Super Bowl LIII – New England Patriots. Super Bowl LII – Philadelphia Eagles. Super Bowl LI – New England Patriots. Super Bowl 50 – Denver Broncos. Super Bowl XLIX – New England Patriots. Super Bowl XLVIII – Seattle Seahawks.

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