Quick Answer: What is prezi?

What is Prezi and how does it work?

Prezi is a web- based tool that allows users to create a presentation using a map layout. They are able to zoom in and out of different items and show relationships from an interesting point of view. Keep in mind that Prezi is not capable of everything PowerPoint is.

What is the purpose of Prezi?

Prezi is a presentation tool that can be used as an alternative to traditional slide making programs such as PowerPoint. Instead of slides, Prezi makes use of one large canvas that allows you to pan and zoom to various parts of the canvas and emphasize the ideas presented there.

What is the difference between Prezi and PowerPoint?

Prezi differs from PowerPoint when it comes to interface. Prezi utilizes a zooming user interface (ZUI) giving users the ability to zoom in and out, Powerpoint doesn’t. Conversely, PowerPoint uses a linear format, where Prezi is non-linear.

Is prezi free to use?

Basic: Our Basic license is free to use for everyone that wants to start making presentations either from a template or from existing PowerPoint slides with our online editor, record videos in the Prezi Video online editor or create dynamic designs and data visualizations with Prezi Design.

Is prezi no longer free?

If you choose the Prezi Basic account, you’ll have all the features you need to create and present Prezi presentations at no cost to you. You can make your Prezi login and use Prezi free for as long as you like. Just know that you’ll be missing out on many crucial features like privacy control and offline editing.

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How do you get Prezi for free?

Prezi: Create online presentations for free!

  1. Click on New Prezi. Select a Template or choose “Start Blank Prezi
  2. Enter your first name, last name, email, and password. Write down your email and password, you will need it later!
  3. You can simply click to add text.

How do you view Prezi?


  1. Access the Google Play Store from your Android device.
  2. Search for “Prezi Viewer” or tap here.
  3. Tap Install to download the app.
  4. Open the Prezi Viewer app and log in to your Prezi account with your email address, Google, or Facebook.
  5. After logging in, you will see your Prezi dashboard.

How was prezi created?

Prezi was founded in 2009 in Budapest, Hungary, by Adam Somlai-Fischer, Peter Halacsy, and Peter Arvai. The earliest zooming presentation prototype had been previously developed by Somlai-Fischer to showcase his media-art pieces. A Prezi iPhone app was launched in late 2012.

Is LinkedIn SlideShare free?

It’s also free for all users to upload or create projects on the SlideShare website. The SlideShare website does heavily promote LinkedIn Learning slideshows and courses. These are not free and require a monthly LinkedIn Learning subscription to access.

What are the disadvantages of Prezi?

Disadvantages of prezi

  • It can cause you motion sickness because of all its movement slides,a few people complaint about feeling dizzy.
  • It needs internet for it to be used.
  • Some people don’t understand how to used it.
  • It doesn’t has enough tools.

What is better than Prezi?

Top Alternatives to Prezi

  • Camtasia.
  • Powtoon.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Canva for Enterprise.
  • Google Slides.
  • Keynote.
  • Piktochart.
  • DocSend.
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Is Canva better than PowerPoint?

While Canva is a powerful app in its own right, it doesn’t hold a candle to “real” presentation apps like PowerPoint, Keynote, or even Google Slides. If you’re coming from any of these apps, especially PowerPoint, you’ll probably feel a bit constricted with what you can do.

Can I pay prezi monthly?

Hello medo, I’m afraid monthly payment is not possible at the moment. If you wouldn’t like to purchase a Prezi license for a year, you may consider signing up for a Public account (or an EDU Enjoy account if you have an educational email address). Both these license types are free of charge.

Can I cancel prezi after free trial?

If Prezi Next hasn’t worked out for you, you can cancel your license at any time. After your license expires, the presentations you’ve created will remain in your account and keep their privacy status. However, you will no longer be able to edit them or create new presentations.

Can I convert Prezi to PowerPoint?

Prezi doesn’t allow a direct Powerpoint (PPT) conversion, but there’s a nifty process that will have your persuasive presentation up in no time!

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